Friday, September 21, 2012

1 Man vs. 2000 Demons, the rest of the story

In the last post we left the demon possessed man exorcised, free, and sane. The townsfolk should have been happy about that, but they lost a whole herd of swine which drowned because Jesus sent the 2000 demons into them. They pleaded for Jesus to leave their region. Boy, did they miss out on healings and miracles. But wait, they’re going to get a second chance.

The man who had been demon-possessed begged to go with Jesus, but Jesus wouldn’t let him. He told him to go home and tell his family how much the Lord had done for him and how he had had mercy on him. The man did more than that – he went to ten cities and told everyone how much Jesus had done for him. The people were amazed. The man was a marvelous evangelist because months later, when Jesus and his disciples returned to the area, the people were ready to receive him (Mark 7: 31 – 37).

I’m not obsessed with demon-possession, but I’ll be posting more about it for a while. It’s the basis for my latest novel after all, so I’m sure you’ll understand. I’ve studied the scriptures for all it says on the subject and kept my novel within those parameters as much as possible. It is fiction nevertheless.

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