Saturday, March 2, 2013

Teens in the Bible - twins, Esau and Jacob

Chapter 7 teens Esau and Jacob

At the end of chapter 25 of the book of Genesis there is the story of young Esau and Jacob, twins who fought since they were in the womb, literally. Esau became a skillful hunter, loved the open country, and probably spent the whole day out of doors. He was the favorite of his father, Isaac, who had a taste for wild game. Jacob, however, was more of his mother’s son. He was quiet, stayed indoors (in tent, rather), and apparently had a talent for cooking.

One day Jacob was cooking some stew when Esau came in from a hard day’s hunt absolutely famished. He was so hungry, in fact, that he thought he was about to die. He told Jacob to give him some of that stew as quickly as possible. Quiet, clever Jacob took advantage of the opportunity and agreed to give his older-by-a-minute brother some stew if only he would sell him his birthright. Esau agreed. Jacob made him swear an oath first.

Deal done. Soup for a vast inheritance.

These two teens showed opposite types of personalities, didn’t they? Thoughtful planner vs. impulsive hothead. Boy with brain vs. boy with brawn.

If you want to get really deep into Biblical symbolism then these two real life characters also show us Jews and Christians. Like Esau, the Jewish people have given up their birthright, their Messiah, to the Gentiles. Like Jacob, Christians have inherited who should have been Israel’s savior, Jesus the Christ.

(Next Saturday teens Leah and Rachel)

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