Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teens in the Bible - Mary, mother of Jesus

Chapter 26 Mary, mother of Jesus

What do we actually know about a teenage Mary? Lots. She was a teen, a virgin, engaged to an older man, and she was highly favored. Just what exactly does “highly favored” mean? The Hebrew word from which this is translated (χαριτοω) also means “accepted”, “made graceful, charming, or lovely”, “agreeable”, “to peruse with grace”, “to honor with blessings”.   When the angel went to Mary and told her that she was highly favored it didn't mean she was perfect, she wasn't, but it certainly implied high regard. The angel also said that the Lord was with her. Mary was greatly troubled at his words. Notice that she did not immediately puff up with pride at the compliment, but rather shrank in fear and humility. How many young teens then or now would react that way?

When the angel told her that she would get pregnant she had no haughty retort or snarly denial to fling at him. She simply was curious as to how she, a virgin, could conceive. The angel explained and Mary accepted the explanation of something even in those scientifically challenged times was known to be emphatically impossible. She answered, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” How wonderfully accepting she was of God’s plan for her. No resistance even in the face of what she should have assumed to be the consequence, for in those days to be found “with child” outside of marriage meant death by stoning.

Lesson for teens: God has a plan for you. Even if it seems impossible, know that nothing is impossible with God.

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