Friday, December 9, 2016

Middle Grade Book Recommendations


The Secret in the Hidden Cave in paperbackkindle or on Smashwords is the first book in the Big Pine Lodge series.
Two 12-year-olds, Missy and Kevin, explore the old lodge, the woods, the cemetery and the dark caves beneath the lake and find surprises, danger and secrets. Can they solve the riddles, follow the clues and save the place from destruction? Or are they being used by someone smarter who needs help to reveal “The Secret in the Hidden Cave”?  

The second book in the series is Mystery's Grave, also in paperbackkindle and on Smashwords.
Missy and Kevin thought the rest of the summer would be normal, but more surprises await them in the woods, the caves, the stables and the cemetery. Two new families arrive at the lodge, but one family isn’t human. And they live behind a gravestone.

Bullies and Bears is book 3, available in paperbackkindle and SmashwordsMissy and Kevin unravel more mysteries and secrets in the caves, the attic, the cemetery and the ruins. A new week of adventures and escapades face them as they confront teenage bullies and a troublesome mama bear.

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