Friday, January 19, 2018

Colossians, part 2, What Should Husbands Do?

Let’s look specifically at the rules for holy living found in chapter 3 of Colossians. Read the chapter and then see if you can fill in the answers:

1.         Where should you set your heart?
2.         Where should you set your mind?
3.         Should you “put to death” sexual immorality?
4.         Should you “put to death” impurity? What is impurity?
5.         Besides lust, evil desires and greed, what else should you “put to death”?
6.         What are the 5 things you should rid your lips of?
7.         What are the 5 things you should clothe yourself with?
8.         What should wives do?
9.         What should husbands do?
10.       What should children do?
11.        What should fathers not do?

12.       How can you make verse 23 central to your life?

So, what should husbands do?
Answer: Love your wives; do not be harsh with them.

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