Saturday, June 8, 2019

Is Your Kid Learning Spanish?

Here's something that will entertain your kid while sneakily keeping his or her Spanish skills sharp. This collection of brain-teasing word puzzles, word searches, crosswords, and other types of unique puzzles was created by ME, a 30+ year veteran Spanish teacher. During my career I also published ancillary Spanish materials for two major textbook companies.

In this Spanish Student edition you'll find word searches (BUSCAPALABRAS), crossword puzzles (CRUCIGRAMAS), and scrambled word puzzles (PALABRAS REVUELTAS). Also included are LABERINTOS, LATAS DE PALABRAS, CRUCIGRAMAS AVANZADAS, and CRIPTOGRAMAS. Kids can improve their Spanish by matching pictures and solving word-fit puzzles. They'll stretch their brain power with mazes, Sudoku, Spanish word Sudoku, and more.

All vocabulary, with a few challenging exceptions, is limited to first year level Spanish. This workbook is great for review, practice, and just plain fun. Get a copy on Amazon here.

★★★★★ Great review fun for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced Spanish students. 
★★★★★ A boost for struggling students. 
★★★★★ Fun for puzzlers who may or may not remember their high school Spanish lessons. 
★★★★★ A clever tool for reviewing and strengthening language learning. 

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