Thursday, September 5, 2019

Have You Ever Seen a Demon-possessed Person?

I’ve never seen a demon-possessed person, nor seen the movie “The Exorcist,” and, though I was born on Friday the 13th, I am not the least bit superstitious.

I have an interest in the occult only so far as I have done research into the paranormal for one of my novels, SHELTERED. There is a wealth of information on the internet, of course, but my main source for this subject is the Bible. Everywhere that Jesus preached he cast out demons. It must have been a pretty prevalent phenomenon to be mentioned so often. I found a very good site HERE that gives a thorough covering of the behaviors of demons as presented in the Bible.

I have consolidated what I learned into 3 quick and easy steps on how not to get possessed (laugh if you want):

1) Stay away from the occult and paranormal. That includes astrology, tarot cards, magic, Ouija boards, hypnotism, yoga (yes, yoga), meditation, bio-feedback, and pornography.
2) Do not use recreational drugs, especially mind-altering drugs.
3) Pray and seek God’s will for your life.

Now, why would I, a devout Christian, write a book in this popular genre? Because the paranormal is a popular subject. Because demons are real. Because it gave me a venue to teach a bit about the Bible.

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