Monday, October 25, 2021




Three catastrophes. Two underground cities. One boy with premonitions.

A high school field trip ends unexpectedly when seven students and three teachers slip down a Florida sinkhole. A maze of caverns, tunnels, and dark passageways reveals an underground world full of peril—and signs that they’re not alone. This small group of outcasts, loners, and special needs kids must find a way to survive. But the hovering adults with them may not have their best interests at heart. Dive into a heart-pounding story of endurance and coming of age in a dark and dangerous place.

What early readers are saying:

Danger vs. survival. I loved it.

This is a page-turner peppered with bits of hope, love, and faith along with moments of suspicion, risk, and revenge. Movie ready.

This was intense. Lots of surprises and suspense, but there’s budding love too. I liked that these characters aren’t your typical teens. An Asperger’s kid, a stutterer, an epileptic.

Who can you trust? Who’s not afraid of the dark? Fast paced and frightening!

Get your $2.99 Kindle copy HERE. And your $9.99  paperback HERE.

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