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A thousand shipping containers fall off freighters each year and are lost at sea. A small container can float for up to 57 days before sinking to the depths of the ocean. What if someone was inside? And why would they be?

Henry Winston’s faith is first tested when his twin brother dies. Six years later he returns to the mission field. As soon as Chinese authorities start arresting missionaries, Henry takes refuge in a twenty foot shipping container that has been stocked with food and water for just such a hideout.

When the crane operator mistakenly lifts the container—with him inside—and stacks it on a freighter bound for America, he must endure an ocean crossing fraught with injury, hunger, and a second crisis of faith. As well as an unexpected stowaway.

Storms and rough seas cause several containers including his to slip overboard. He and the stowaway have at most fifty-seven days before the container will sink.

From early readers:

★★★★★ A wonderful story of faith, love, and facing up to your mistakes. Couldn’t put it down. I love Christian suspense and romance.

★★★★★ A nail-biting survival story about a Christian man, without being preachy. Loved it.

★★★★★ I thought the whole story was going to take place in a small cramped box, but it didn’t. There are some awesome settings around the world. The characters were real and relatable. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ Being a missionary myself, I was very interested in the blend of cultures. The book had a lot of twists and turns that made it readable with a bit of suspension of reality. Very Christian message. I enjoyed it!

★★★★★ Good read books for women - good read choices 2022

From the Ink & Insights contest judges:

★★★★★ This story has all of the best elements: mystery, adventure, and romance.

★★★★★ Very effective story telling.

★★★★★ All in all, a very well-written and thought-out story.

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