Friday, July 21, 2023




In the ancient halls of Strathnaver Castle, a Scottish Highlander named Colin McKelvey harbors a powerful secret, one that could shatter the very foundation of his identity. Once known for his unwavering loyalty and noble character, Colin's world is about to be torn apart by a revelation that will leave him questioning everything he thought he knew.

As fate weaves its intricate tapestry, a series of gripping events unfolds. A relentless plague sweeps through the land, threatening to consume all in its path. Amidst the chaos and despair, Colin's heart, once warm and compassionate, turns cold and distant. He becomes a man on a desperate mission, rejecting the only family he has ever known and setting forth on a path of defiance and rebellion.

But destiny has more in store for him. In the midst of darkness, a mysterious and beguiling lass named Brooke appears, wielding an enigmatic power that can both heal and destroy. With an aura of allure and danger, she holds the key to Colin's salvation or downfall.

As the embers of Colin's past burn, a rival clan emerges, demanding Brooke's life as their prize. Bound by honor and torn by conflicting loyalties, Colin finds himself entangled in a life-altering choice. What sacrifices must he make to protect the captivating stranger who has ignited something long-lost within him? A lass whose fate hangs precariously in the balance, destined either to meet her doom at the stake or to be loved by a Highlander.

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