Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Secret

Happy Easter!
Here’s a secret – Easter is far more important to Christians than Christmas is. The secular world has taken over Christmas with Santa and Easter with bunnies and eggs, but they think that Christmas is our main holiday. Not! We wouldn’t bother celebrating Jesus’ birthday (uh, yeah, that’s what Christmas is) if it weren’t for Easter. In fact, who would even know about Jesus if He hadn’t died on the cross, been buried, and then rose again to be seen by HUNDREDS of witnesses for forty days afterwards?

No other religion has a central figure who claimed to be God as Jesus did. He said He was God so either He was a liar or a crazy person or . . . He was and is God.

This is Easter Sunday and millions of Christians around the world are proclaiming that “He is risen!”
Are they lying as they worship a liar?
Are they deluding themselves as they revere a delusional maniac?
Or are they singing “Hosanna” to the Lord?
Search your heart – you have already decided.


  1. Happy Easter! Great post. I am saying "Hosanna"

  2. Well, I'm late, but hope you had a Happy Easter! Thanks for joining my hop! Hope to see you next weekend! Have a great weekend!


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