Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Snippet, part 7

The Hebrew Letter Dalet
The name of the 4th Hebrew letter is Dalet and it represents a door. This pictographic little letter represents the two doors through which we arrive and leave: birth and death. In the Bible the first birth and the first death are recorded in Genesis in chapter 4.

If you line up the 66 books of the Bible in 3 rows corresponding to the 22 Hebrew letters the 4th book is Numbers. 22 books down the line you find Ezekiel and another 22 books later you come to Galatians. I did a search for the word door in the Bible and found 239 verses containing this word. Here’s how it looks in a graph matching the books up 3 at a time:

It is rather amazing that the meaning of the 4th letter peaks right where it should.

Other interesting “connect 4” tidbits:

Numbers records the fourfold camp and the first violation of the 4th commandment.

Ezekiel has the greatest density of the number 4 and records the fourfold temple and the four living creatures that had four faces.

Galatians speaks of the four “weak and beggarly elements” (days, months, times and years) in chapter 4.

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  1. Wow interesting. You learn something new everyday.
    Also thanks for coming and entering the hop on my blog and thanks for not thinking I'm a dork lol course I've always take pride in my dorkness. I used to say I was the coolest dork anyone would meet lol


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