Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whew! Tour Over. Thanks to All

I just finished a month long “virtual book tour” and I’m exhausted. A shout out and special thanks to BK Walker at Virtual Book Tour Cafe and BK Walker Books and all the hosting bloggers. (Also, there's a book giveaway at Sugarpeach and she is still accepting entries until the 12th.)

The good things about a virtual tour are 1) no planes, cars, or traffic, 2) no getting lost or being late, 3) no worries about hair, make-up or clothing, 4) no embarrassingly small turn-outs of visitors and 5) no sleeping in motels.

The bad things are 1) no huge adrenaline rushes – I kind of like those, 2) no meeting people face to face and knowing who’s buying my books. Well, the good outweighs the bad and the bad is not horrible.

So, what has happened to me in the “real” world while my virtual self has traveled? The real me has a ghastly hideous purple, black, blue and yellow bruise the size of Lake Michigan on my leg. Trying to waterski without properly stretching out the hamstrings can be hazardous.


  1. So excited to find out more about your book tour. Thanks for this interesting, funny and informative post. I haven't ever considered doing a virtual tour but you've given me food for thought!


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