Sunday, September 18, 2011

How I Know that Summer is Over

10. Our chipmunks are knocking on the windows and pointing to the sack of sunflower seeds. (Yes, we’ve been ignoring them since we aren’t sitting outside reading as often. Poor little guys.)
9. We took the boat and the dock out of the lake. (Hooray, it only takes 2 hours to take the dock out compared to 8 hours to get it in.)
8. The hammock disappeared.( How will I nap, I mean read, so comfortably the rest of the year? I loved how the chipmunks would hop up through the ropes and search me for seeds.)
7. I’m almost out of marshmallows, firecrackers and sparklers. (Do you know that you can roast the new giant size marshmallows and get four servings from each one?)
6. We’ve had a fire in the fireplace three nights in a row. (Do you know that the marshmallows taste just as good roasted indoors as outside?)
5. The songbirds have flown south already. (Our wood thrushes go to Mexico – luckies.)
4. My tan is faded. (Oh, well.)
3. I’ve stopped painting my toenails. (Sandals out, boots in.)
2. My craving for caramel apples, donuts and cider surpasses my chocolate cravings. (But only for about 5 minutes.)
1. It was 62 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday and 26 on Friday. Get the flannel sheets out!

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