Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nick Bazebahl and the Forbidden Tunnels

Sometimes you have to change directions. I posted several excerpts from a work in progress tentatively called TUNNELS. I swapped out the main character and by changing from the perspective of a 30-something soccer mom to a 12 year old kid I had to rewrite everything I had done so far. But what fun that was! And then the story just flew off the keyboard. I finished it, wrote a sequel and started a third. I intend to write several more sequels because the concept is so fun.

12 year old Nick finds himself stuck in a nightmarish world, but he’s not dreaming. He escapes from a strange reformatory only to come upon an even stranger place where he is teamed up with a partner and given an assignment. They slide down a forbidden tunnel and begin their odd and mysterious mission with the characters and scenes of the classic, and now banned book, Huck Finn.

Sliding through tunnel after tunnel gets him in and out of more trouble. He attempts a mission by himself and finds he can break through barriers including invisibility as he interacts with Jim from Treasure Island, also a banned book.

On his third mission he teams up with Samantha, a friend from school, as they visit the very beginning of a recently banned book: Harry Potter.

NICK BAZEBAHL AND THE FORBIDDEN TUNNELS will be out in paperback soon and the sequels will follow. Right now the Kindle and Barnes & Noble versions are available for $2.99. I hope kids ages 8 – 12 will find them as fun to read as they were to write.

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