Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Early Christmas Gift - Kindle Fire

At first I didn’t like the Kindle Fire that arrived yesterday simply because of the weighty feel in my hands. But today I’m in love. I think I’ll be doing even more reading than ever before.

I even sent my latest manuscript (in document form) to the kindle and it’s really nice to see how it reads in this format. Now I have a big project: checking all my work this way.

Does anybody want to share their Kindle secrets? One thing I can’t seem to do is delete books on screen. I have to go to my computer and manage the books through my kindle page for some, but not for others.

How about glare? The anti-glare accessory got horrible reviews and I don’t want to waste my money. What about a case? Any suggestions? Someone should invent one with a pocket for reading glasses. Oh, am I showing my age?

At any rate, there are a ton of good books on Amazon for under $5 (like most of mine).

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