Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions ages ago. I always made the same one, to lose weight, and I never, ever succeeded. So this year I’m going to resolve to eat more chocolate. This seems like a win-win resolution. I’ve already discovered the best chocolates ever at the Alpine Chocolat Haus in Gaylord, Michigan. I’ve limited myself to three after breakfast, four or five with lunch and unlimited snacking throughout the afternoon.

You see the chocolates don’t have time to stick to my hips or belly. Like other types of addicts I should quickly wither away to skin and bones. Once, years ago, my doctor made me give up chocolate. I cut it out for one month and gained 5 pounds! So if I eat lots of chocolate I should lose weight, right? I’m sure this will work.

After all, don’t we all forget about those resolutions within a week or so?
Do you think I’ll ever forget about chocolate?