Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday - Work in Progress (excerpt)

Wordle: 3/21
She sat on the love seat in the front room, her boots off, her feet tucked up under her short black skirt. She played with the toe ends of her shredded black tights, twirling her fingers around and around the seamed tips. Her usual air of indifference melted with alcohol-produced mirth. Laughter was a reaction she forced herself to avoid at home and school. Her trademarks were moodiness, anger, and resentment. But after the fourth beer she began to giggle. Jason liked it.

Jason, sitting half slumped in the client’s chair, grinned at Cori and tapped his pierced tongue twice on his upper teeth. The other couple with them wandered to the back room where Jason had a sofa bed. One more beer each for himself and Cori and then he’d tell Jake and Sue that the party was over.

“So what did you do after you tied them up?” Jason asked.

Cori laughed too loud and took another slurp. “I watched Dawn of the Dead and told them that if they said anything to their folks their next babysitter wouldn’t be as nice as me.”

“But they told?”

“Yup. Everything I ever did . . . somebody narked on me . . . or a camera caught me.” She laughed again and pulled at her toes. “What are they doing back there? I thought we were going to party?”

“Is that empty?” Jason reached across for her can, crushed it, and handed her a new one.

The city plow scraped along the street outside, its lights making the dark interior flash and glow with reflections that danced from mirror to glass framed samples to shiny displays of nipple rings and silver doodads. Cori popped the tab and rose up unsteadily; she settled back down on her other hip, leaving one foot on the floor.
(excerpt from latest work in progress)
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