Monday, June 11, 2012


Books are full of triangles. You can’t have boy-meets-girl without a third party to mess things up. You can’t have a detective solving a murder without something blocking his path to success.

What other triangles are there? Relationship. Disaster. Obstacle. Danger. Decision. And it always seems to be that the third point in the triangle is somehow “bad”. Kind of like real life, isn’t it?

I need an idea for a new novel and before I write the first word I need to settle on a triangle. The bad point on a three sided story could be jealousy. Who hasn’t found herself stuck by that sharp edge?

Here’s a tentative first sentence: It wasn’t the fact that her thirteen year old sister really was more beautiful that made Alyssa plant the poison, no, it was the fact that Brandon pointed it out yet again.

This might get me started, but I guarantee that once I flesh out the characters and really begin to write a story all this will change – ages, poison, beauty, first sentence – but jealousy will remain and I’ll spin a tale around it.

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