Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Writing Tips, Characters

I ask myself these questions about my characters and flesh out their personalities on a separate document. I don’t use all of the information I invent, but it’s nice to have a thorough knowledge of them to draw from.

1) Physical attributes (hair and eye color, height, athleticism, etc.)
2) Personality characteristics
3) Quirks, speech patterns, attitudes, mannerisms
4) Family relationships and friendships
5) Likes, dislikes
6) Fears
7) Goals
8) Talents
9) Secrets
10) Obsessions
11) Clothing style

Things change as I’m writing, though, and quirks or habits or number of siblings jump around from Bob to Sue or maybe someone’s height or age or hair color needs tweaking. By the end of the story I know them pretty well and I hope my readers do, too.

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