Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cool Stuff I Learned From Studying the Bible

If you list the 66 books of the Bible in three columns Proverbs, Luke and 3rd John all line up. Why is that cool? Because then they also line up with the 20th Hebrew letter, resh.  Okay, so that doesn’t seem so cool … yet … until you realize that the letter resh starts the Hebrew word for friend which occurs more than twice as often in these 3 books combined than any other 3 books of the Bible. (For more about this see this post)

Can you do this “trick” with the other books in the Bible that line up? Yup, I’ve tried it and it works. In fact I’ve written a book on it called Crossing the Scriptures.

Here’s a different example: the 22nd  book, Song of Songs, lines up with the 44th book, Acts, and the 66th book, Revelation. These match the 22nd Hebrew letter Tav, the last letter in their alphabet. Tav’s symbolic meaning is mark, sign, or cross. There is a strong correlation between these three books and this letter having to do with consummation and marriage and being “sealed”. Song of Songs’ theme is marriage (and especially the love between bride and groom). The major theme of the book Acts is the beginning of the Christian church which is, in all respects, the Bride of Christ. And the theme in Revelation is Christ the bridegroom coming for his bride. She is “sealed” for Him for all of Eternity. The word “seal” or “sealed” occurs 58 times in the Bible. Guess how many times it comes up in Revelation? 22 times! Now that’s cool.

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