Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Day, May Day!

Are you drowning in UNBELIEF?

Here's what I have to say to people who insist on ignoring parts of the Bible or who claim that their God wouldn't be so cruel as to damn you to hell: People, God isn't operating a religious buffet. You don’t get to pick and choose what you want to believe out of the Bible. You cannot say you believe some of the Scripture, but find some things intolerant, narrow-minded or simply unbelievable. 
You stand in front of Him ALL THE TIME as a guilty sinner needing a Savior. God does not negotiate a deal. He has already made the deal: If you repent of your sins, turn to the Lord and accept that Christ died for you and paid for those sins already, then you are saved. God is merciful. He extends His grace to each of us. Just believe. If you cling to your own righteousness or think that you can “get into Heaven” by being “good”, forget it. You can never be “good enough”.
And here's what I say to people who think there are lots of paths to Heaven: There is only one way to get to Heaven. Jesus said He was God. That means He was either a liar or a lunatic or He was God. Anybody who says He was a great prophet but not God hasn't thought about it very much and is probably just parroting what they've heard at home (a Muslim home, Jewish home, Buddhist home, etc.). A great prophet who asserts that He is God should be disregarded unless, of course, He is God. Everyone must decide if Jesus is God or not. Jesus said He was the way, the truth, and the life. There is no other way to Heaven.

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