Friday, December 4, 2015

The Big Bang Theory vs. Creationism

As I understand it, the scientists' Big Bang Theory begins with everything being as small as a pea and then blowing up. The universe expanded at a specific rate of expansion so that it is now 1,000,000,000,000 times larger. That huge number with 12 zeroes is actually one million squared. Scientists also say that the Big Bang happened about 15 and 3/4 billion years ago. Whoa, too many years ago for me to fathom, but I'll accept it because ...

... because the Big Bang Theory coordinates with Scripture in the following way:

God created things on the (literal) 6 days as described in Genesis. Yes, I can believe that, too. 6 days, 24 hours each. But, at the scientific rate of expansion of the universe that first day is now seen from our perspective as 8 billion years long. The second day, with a little less time to expand, is now 4 billion years long, the third day is 2 billion, fourth day 1 billion, fifth day one half billion and sixth day one quarter billion. See how that worked out? And it totals up to [drum roll] 15 and 3/4 billion years.

So, if you had trouble with those numbers then think of a radio wave message being sent out into outer space at the rate of one per day as the universe expands. The following graphic may help.
God is at the center

With the universe expanding, essentially doubling in size each day, you can think of the white center as where God stood at creation making things on each day. From His perspective each day was like the small white circle - 24 hours - but from our current perspective and with the expansion (and the scientists show time expanding, too) those 24 hour days now appear as billions of years.

The scientific community ascribes the appearance of the Milky Way, water, life, transparent atmosphere, animal and aquatic life, and human life to time periods within these eons and guess what? They match the Biblical story in order.

Furthermore, per science's numbers, if you divide the 15 and 3/4 billion years by the current expansion (that million squared number above) that equals .015. We have 365 days in a year, right? Multiply 365 by point zero one five (.015) and that equals 5.74. Hmm, so what, you ask? Round up. That's almost 6. In other words we are living in the late afternoon of the 6th day of creation. Works for me.

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