Sunday, March 10, 2019

300 Plus Teacher Hacks and Tips - new release - $7.25 on Kindle

300 Plus Teacher Hacks and Tips

This amazing compilation of advice, tips, hacks, and resources is the perfect gift for any teacher or soon-to-be teacher. The list of sites alone is worth the price. Buy it in paperback, too, but the Kindle version really is more useful as teachers can pull it up on phone, computer, or tablet and have it handy at all times. Click on the technology hacks. Check out the dollar store finds. Read what veteran teachers do for lessons, discipline, classroom management, organization and more.

Curated from hundreds of teachers, websites, and educational forums, only the most useful and tried-and-true tips are included. Over 300!

If you buy the Paperback for $9.99, you can download the digital copy for $2.99.

The better deal is the Kindle copy for $7.25.

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