Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brain Power Puzzles

I am hooked on all kinds of games and puzzles. Learned some new ones in this book. I'd never heard of Daisy Puzzles before. Here's a list from the table of contents of what you'll find in this activity book. They're for all ages.

 ● Word Searches● Anagrams● Zig Zag Puzzles● Word Fit Puzzles● Hidden Words● Sudoku● Math, Word, or Letter Sudoku Squares● Riddles & Jokes● Mazes● Boggle Boards● Daisy Puzzles● Neuronyms● Trivia● Coloring pages● Tic Tac Toe● Dots & Boxes● Scavenger Hunt

It's over 200 pages and only $13.99. Great for trips, hospital stays, at the beach, de-stressing time, etc.

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