Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Psalm 25, Lessons for Me

Psalm 25 is an alphabetic psalm. That means that in the original Hebrew each verse starts with the next consecutive Hebrew letter. King David wrote this psalm probably at a time when he was under a lot of stress from his enemies. He appears fearful and threatened, but trusts God.

This psalm starts with a wonderful assertion of David’s righteous actions: he lifts up his soul; he trusts the Lord. How can I apply this to myself? How can I lift up my soul? I think this means PRAYER. The second part is to trust God. That will take a lot of conscious effort.

David makes 18 supplications by my count throughout this psalm. Among them he asks the Lord to show him his ways, to remember him, to be merciful, to forget his sins, to be gracious to him, to free him from anguish, to take away his sins, to rescue him, and to redeem Israel. Take a look and see if you can find all 18.

I also found at least 5 expressions scattered throughout the psalm that I can apply to my life: Be hopeful (vs. 3). Be humble (vs. 9). Keep the covenant (vs. 10). Keep my eyes on the Lord (vs. 15). Be righteous (vs. 21).

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