Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Tick in Time

A TICK IN TIME is now just $.99 on AMAZONand BARNES & NOBLE.

This chapter book is one of my favorites for kids ages 8 to 12.

A TICK IN TIME is a middle-grade fantasy-fiction novel with surprising twists, unusual creatures, quirky riddles and some scary moments.

Tommy MacArthur is a 6th-grader who is spending the summer at his grandparents’ with his younger brother. Though he is warned not to run past the old pendulum clock he does, of course, and the clock ticks when it should have tocked and Tommy is plunged into another dimension. He navigates through a number of adventures before stumbling upon the solution to returning.

When he shows his new friend, Noelle, how to slip into the strange land, the two of them fearlessly explore. However their younger siblings have followed them through the portal and that means trouble. And who or what will follow them back?

A Tick in Time is available in PAPERBACK, too. Do you know any kids who are good readers and would enjoy this adventure? I wonder how much more kids are reading now with Kindles and Nooks and other e-readers. I know I love reading on my Kindle more than I expected. I hope kids do, too.

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