Monday, February 20, 2012

Questions to Ask to Stay Focused

Staying Focused

Focused on LOVE: Am I telling those I love that I love them? Every day? Am I showing them that love as well?

Focused on HEALTH: Am I exercising (housework counts) often enough and long enough? Can I multitask the exercise, that is, read a book on the stationary bike or listen to an audiotape as I vacuum?

Focused on WORK: Am I accomplishing my goals? Am I doing something worthwhile? Am I presenting an honest and respectable work identity?

Focused on FINANCES: Am I saving? Am I giving? Am I spending wisely?

Focused on FAMILY: Are we creating good memories? Are we treating one another with respect, kind words, and encouragement?

Focus on FAITH: Am I honoring God in all I do and say? Am I praising Him, praying to Him, and reading His word daily?

15 question marks – 15 points for each “yes”. On a good day I can get above 8, how about you?

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