Friday, July 13, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 12

The guys at North Arrow Log Homes
used extremely long drill bits to bore down through several logs at a time. People always ask how you put electrical wires in a log home and this is one way. We took our plans to a lighting place before construction and spent hours marking the blueprints up with every possible outlet, plug, light, pendant, and sconce. Thus, the guys had to drill long channels in some places, short ones up from the floor in other spots, and they also made nifty hidden conduits along doorframes and then drilled sideways in to where light switches were needed. And, thanks to wireless remotes, fans and a few lights got to avoid some extra wiring.

They also ran wiring in the channels between logs in a few places. Even though we were meticulous in the planning there turned out to be one spot we missed. We discovered this only after it turned out that our kids liked to use the loft to play cards and games. We hung a light over the table and ran the cord along the logs which were later caulked. Ta da – invisible.

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