Sunday, July 1, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 7

The blue or yellow straps were used to maneuver the giant logs into their places several times. The first setting allowed the guys at North Arrow Log Homes to scribe the log to fit the one beneath it. Then they used the crane to move the log back to an open area where it sat at work level. Next they used their smelly and loud chainsaws to work their magic. Sometimes the logs had to be craned back and forth for re-fitting, re-scribing, and re-cutting several times until the fit was tight and to their satisfaction. You can see the straps hanging in the photos, ready for the final lift when they would be carried to the log trucks for transport to our site.

My husband is standing in an arch that leads from kitchen to hallway. We had arches carved into other openings as well, where doors weren’t needed. In the other picture I have my hand on the corner logs that were cut in an in-and-out effect as opposed to the ones at my back which were cut flush with one another. The two styles were used to define particular spaces.

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